Why Excel VBA?

Excel modeling with VBA is meant for people working in data analytics, visualization & automation. It is used to manage projects, track income & expenses, maintain schedules, analyze KPI’s, manage employee payroll, create invoices & manage inventory. We help you become more effective in your role through our course with diverse case studies from logistics, financial planning, pricing, project management & data science.

What we offer?

Learning Experience

Learn Excel VBA

We deliver this program through a live, instructor-led online environment that would enable the learners to experience real world problem solving along with achieving work life balance.

The course is designed by industry experts who have relevant experience in solving complex business problems using Excel VBA. Also, there are dedicated sessions to address Q&A or feedback from learners.

Course Overview

Course Objective

To learn advanced Excel for statistical, econometric & financial modeling along with automation using VBA macros.

The course is structured to have both classroom learning and hands-on projects in a cohort-based learning environment.

Time Commitment

The course can be conducted on weekends or weekdays (flexible as per your schedule). At the end of this course, all learners will be fully aware of key Excel concepts & capabilities.

Course Output

  • Personal project repository with multiple cases & Excel models created by you.
  • Certificate with badge based on performance

Course Schedule

Ranges, Tables, Functions (Text, Date & Time, Numeric, Logical), Data consolidation, IFERROR, Conditional formatting (Rules, Data Bars, Scales, Icon Sets, Duplicates, Lists, Conflicts, Heat Map)

Sorting (Custom, Color, Reverse, Random), Filtering (Number, Text, Date), Subtotals, Lookup, Arrays, Data Validation, Formula evaluation

Column Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Scatter Plot, Data Series, Axes, Trendline, Error Bars, Combination Chart, Gauge Chart, Thermometer Chart, Gantt Chart, Pareto Chart, Band chart, Waterfall chart, Sparklines

Future Value, Present Value, Net Present Value, XNPV, Internal Rate of Return, MIRR, Loan Term, Loan Interest Rate, Payments, Principal & Interest Payments, Amount left to be repaid, Case studies

Variance, Standard Deviation, Standardization, Slope, Intercept, Skewness, Exponential Growth, Linear Forecasting, Correlation & Regression, COUNTIF(S), AVERAGEIF(S)

One & Two Variable Data tables setup & output, Scenario manager, Scenario output – summary & pivot table, Goal-seek setup & output, Forecasting sales for various combinations of COGS & profit

Setup, Output, Demand Curve Pricing using Price Elasticity, Transportation problem, Project management, Travelling salesperson, Retirement planning, Workforce scheduling, Logistic regression

Pivot Tables (Group Pivot Table Items, Multi-level Pivot Table, Frequency Distribution, Pivot Chart, Slicers, Update Pivot Table, Calculated Field/Item, GetPivotData)

Histogram, Descriptive statistics, ANOVA, F-test for variances, Moving average, Exponential smoothing, Correlation, Linear regression, t-Test (equal variances), Limitations, Linear regression result interpretation, Impact of price & discount on sales

Modules, Variables, Scope, Debugging, Operators, Events, Decisions, Loops, Arrays, Functions, Sub Procedure, Error Handling, Userforms, ActiveX controls, Excel objects

List of Projects

  • Financial modelling (NPV, IRR, Payback, ROI)
  • Valuation, market sizing & guesstimation
  • Analysis Tool Pak, VBA & Solver case studies
  • Product pricing analytics
  • VBA bulk data insert & copy
  • Create userform with events
  • Perform logistic regression
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Consulting case studies

We are an experiential learning platform with live, instructor-led courses designed to help you succeed in the roles you want!

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