Data Analytics with Python

We at Ikusei offer a comprehensive Python package for learners that comprises training people, support on projects, help on creating a presentable project portfolio, and professional mentorship. Our team with folks from BCG, ZS, XLRI, Kellogg and IIFT will work with you on certain strategic goals of your professional career during the engagement period

Why Data Analytics with Python?

Python is the most popular language with the largest community & most comprehensive documentation. It is easy to learn & hence allows developers to work faster, since it performs tasks with lesser lines of code. Python is ideal for developers since it allows them to build MVP’s faster, contains many libraries & is extremely versatile & scalable. It does not also require a lot of investment upfront which works best with small teams.

What we offer?

Learning Experience

Learn Excel VBA

We deliver this program through a live, instructor-led online environment over a period of 3-4 months that would enable the learners to experience real world problem solving along with achieving work life balance.

The course is designed by industry experts who have relevant experience in solving complex business problems using Python. Also, there are dedicated sessions to address Q&A or feedback from learners.

Course Overview

Course Objective

To learn from basics of Python to developing a comprehensive understanding of data analytics in 3-4 months

The course is structured to have both classroom learning and hands-on projects in a cohort-based learning environment.

Time Commitment

The course can be conducted on weekends or weekdays (flexible as per your schedule)

At the end of this course, all learners will be fully aware of key Python concepts & capabilities

Course Output

  • Personal Python repository with multiple cases & projects created by you
  • Certificate with badge based on performance

Course Schedule

Interpreter & compiler, indenting, keywords, syntax, semantics, literals, math & string operations, operators, numeral systems, Input & output functions, Variables

List & Tuple operations, functions, range, recursion, lists of lists, comprehension, slicing & indexing, Dictionary functions, creation, iteration, keys, values

String & numeric functions, type conversion, passing arguments, return values, none & yield, default values, scope, If, Elif, Else, For, While, Break, Continue, Nesting – if-else & loops, Examples, specific keywords – range function with ‘for’ loop

Reading data from & adding / appending data to a file, errors, exceptions, finally keyword, lambda functions map, filters, generators, __name__ variable, packages, directories

Classes, objects, class methods, class attributes, instance attributes, constructor, user defined & in-built classes, implementing methods, code best practices & guidelines

Multiple & multi-level inheritance, recursion, sets, itertools, operator overloading & overriding, data hiding, encapsulation, polymorphism, access modifiers, private class usage & variables

Search & find all, match, find & replace, group, metacharacters (dot, caret, dollar, star / asterisk, plus, optional), character class, curly braces, wildcard, Serialization with Pickle & Shelve)

Pandas & series, converting dictionaries to series, dataframes, changing column sequence, changing columns & transposing dataframe, reindexing series & dataframes, deleting rows & columns

Arithmetic operations & sorting on dataframe & series, handling duplicate values, calculating sum, max & min, dropping NaN values, loading data from, a file & analyzing the data loaded from file, unique method, aggregate functions

Creating & slicing a NumPy array, logspace & linspace, advanced indexing & slicing, broadcasting, iterating using nditer, plotting data using seaborn & matplotlib

List of Projects

  • Credit card validation with Luhn’s algorithm
  • Visualizations with Seaborn & Matplotlib
  • Analysis of retail sales data & visualization
  • Video Downloader App
  • Text to speech conversion
  • Password hash & QR code
  • String matching with RegEx
  • Order of inheritance (MRO)
  • Exception & JSON file handling

We are an experiential learning platform with live, instructor-led courses designed to help you succeed in the roles you want!

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