Database Modelling & SQL

We at Ikusei offer a comprehensive SQL package for learners that comprises training people, support on projects, help on creating a presentable project portfolio, and professional mentorship. Our team with folks from BCG, ZS, XLRI, Kellogg and IIFT will work with you on certain strategic goals of your professional career during the engagement period.

Why database modelling & SQL?

Database modelling is essential for an individual to ensure data integrity & easy retrieval of records as the business grows. SQL is the language of choice for accessing & manipulating databases to aid data driven decision making in organizations across a variety of industries. For today’s businesses, managing customer data can make the difference between scaling & failing which is why SQL knowledge is essential.

What we offer?

Learning Experience

Learn Excel VBA

We deliver this program through a live, instructor-led online environment over a period of 1-2 months that would enable the learners to experience real world problem solving along with achieving work life balance.

The course is designed by industry experts who have relevant experience in solving complex business problems using SQL. Also, there are dedicated sessions to address Q&A or feedback from learners.

Course Overview

Course Objective

To learn from basics of SQL to developing a comprehensive database with clean design in 1-2 months.

The course is structured to have both classroom learning and hands-on projects in a cohort-based learning environment.

Time Commitment

The course can be conducted on weekends or weekdays (flexible as per your schedule).

At the end of this course, all learners will be fully aware of key SQL concepts & capabilities.

Course Output

  • Personal database portfolio with multiple SQL functions & queries developed by you.
  • Certificate with badge based on performance.

Course Schedule

Table, Tuple, Controls (security, concurrency, integrity, recovery), Cardinality, Database design schema (Star, Snowflake, Galaxy), Normal forms (1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NF, 5NF, 6NF)

Data types, DDL (Create, Drop, Alter, Truncate, Comment, Rename), DML (Insert, Update, Delete, Select - Distinct, Unique, Count, Top etc.)

Operators (Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical), Clauses (Where, Group By, Having, Order By), Aggregate Functions (Min, Max, Count, Average, Sum), Scalar, Functions (UCase, LCase, Mid, Len, Round, Now), Sequences, Temporary tables

Constraints (Not Null, Unique, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Composite key, Check, Default), Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, CTE, Joins (Inner, Left, Right, Full Outer, Self, Cartesian), Subqueries

Indexes, Union & Union All, Case statement, Pivot & Unpivot, SQL Formatter, Intersect & Except, Rollup, Limit, Cube, Minus, Transactions, Expressions, Cast Function, Handling Duplicates

Coalesce, Decode, NVL, Next Val, IFNULL, ISNULL, NULLIF, INSTR, Replace, Convert, TO_DATE, LISTAGG, Top N queries, combine aggregate & non aggregate values using Over & joins

Merge, Using, Table extension, Insert Ignore, Identity, Dates, Auto Increment, Comments, Null functions, Wildcards, Aliases, Offset-fetch, Alternative quote, Partitioning, Division

Database & SQL best practices, performance tuning, security improvements, usage with Excel VBA & Tableau, optimizing database schema design keeping in mind the long-term requirements

List of Projects

  • Analysis of subscription & consumption data for a movie streaming company.
  • Analysis of skill proficiency & readiness data using Relational division in SQL
  • Advanced SQL concepts such as XML Path, Triggers, Constraints, Regular Expressions etc.
  • Data manipulation using common table expressions, pivots, sequences, subqueries & temp tables

We are an experiential learning platform with live, instructor-led courses designed to help you succeed in the roles you want!

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