Why Agile PM?

The PM is a business role with clearly defined KPI’s & impact. Agile enables faster turnaround, better customer engagement & sustainable team velocity. We help people transform into better strategic decision makers with regards to pricing, release, validation, estimation, capturing feedback, contracting & reporting. We also cover typical PM roles at leading industries such as eCommerce, FinTech, Consulting & IT.

What we offer?

Learning Experience

Learn Excel VBA

We deliver this program through a live, instructor-led online environment that would enable the learners to experience real world problem solving along with achieving work life balance.

The course is designed by industry experts who have relevant experience in solving complex business problems using Agile. Also, there are dedicated sessions to address Q&A or feedback from learners.

Course Overview

Course Objective

To learn from basics of Agile to developing a comprehensive understanding of the PM role.

The course is structured to have both classroom learning and hands-on projects in a cohort-based learning environment.

Time Commitment

The course can be conducted on weekends or weekdays (flexible as per your schedule). At the end of this course, all learners will be fully aware of key PM concepts & capabilities.

Course Output

  • Personal repository with multiple case studies & models created by you.
  • Certificate with badge based on performance.

Course Schedule

The PM role, Frameworks for user personas & story mapping, 3 C’s & INVEST frameworks for stories, financial metrics, technical debt, non-functional requirements, team communication

Wireframing tools, Prioritization methods, Risk management, Kanban boards, JIT planning, Effort estimation methods

A/B testing, Types of waste & its reduction, EVM, Information radiators, managing stakeholders, Capturing feedback through NPS, Pareto’s principle, Parkinson’s law, Goodhart’s law, Business model canvas & its key components

Tuckman’s model of teaming, Progressive elaboration, Active Listening, Team health & motivation, Team coaching & empowerment, High performance teams, Kaizen, Team role in decision making, Team diversity

Product vs project mindset, Value based decomposition, Value stream mapping, Fishbone (Ishikawa) & spaghetti diagrams, Agile contracting – Graduated / packaged fixed price, T&M etc.

Scrum, Crystal, FDD (Feature driven development), DSDM (Dynamic system development method) along with their respective values, roles, events, artifacts, core practices & metrics

Kanban, XP (Extreme Programming), Nexus, Evidence based management along with their respective values, roles, events, artifacts, core practices & metrics

UI/UX best practices, API with Postman, Google analytics, Effective PRD writing, PM stances – Product visionary, Marketplace expert, Release decision maker, Value maximizer etc.

Managing product backlog, Specification by example, Acceptance criteria & definition of done, Burn-up, burn-down charts & cumulative flow diagrams, Cynefin framework, MMF, MVP types, Team velocity List of Projects Product teardowns for mobile & web apps Business Analytics with Advanced SQL Microeconomic models for Product pricing

Release strategy, types, reporting, forecasting, budgeting, Pricing models for funding the effort & cash flow projections, Pricing analytics with & without demand curve, Pricing strategies

List of Projects

  • SaaS Product Financial Modelling
  • Agile, SCAMPER & JTBD Simulation
  • API validation with Postman tool
  • A/B Testing for web applications
  • Product unit economics modelling

We are an experiential learning platform with live, instructor-led courses designed to help you succeed in the roles you want!

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